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In the middle of Aalborg's old town, surrounded by small houses, Vor Frue Kirke rises as a large and impressive building. The name and the location indicate that it is one of the old churches of the town, even though the present building is of a more recent date.


The site of the church has been ecclesiastical since about 1100. Vor Frue Kirke was originally a chapel of a convent and right to the south of the church the convent for nuns belonging to the order of St Benedict was found. We have various indications of the date of the convent foundation.


One source claims that it was founded by Eskil who was bishop in Viborg until 1132, while another source dates it back to 1116. One thing is certain: the church existed in 1140, for in that year the Norwegian pretender to the throne Sigurd Slembe was buried in the church as testified by the priest Kjeld Kalv. Kalv is the most renowned of all the priests who have served at Vor Frue Kirke, as he is in fact the saint of Viborg: St Kjeld. While he was still a priest at Vor Frue Kirke it is said that one night during the matins (the nightly prayers at the canonical hours) when he was reading the Book of Homilies, the light suddenly went out, but he continued reading without any earthly light and after he finished reading all the persons present wondered as the extinct candle in his hands was lit again all by itself.


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